Fact checking

I said last night that I might be quoted in the Connecticut Post today. Well, I was. Kind of. In the article, the reporter claims “Mike Borruso was one of those seeking information. ‘You have to ask the question just right, to get specific information or they won’t tell you anything,’ he said.” Maybe somebody told him that, but I didn’t.

He also writes the following about my friend who decided not to brave the ride into the city:

“I’m taking a half-day vacation,” Lackey said. Moments after he left, the railroad sent a text alert to riders, telling them that limited diesel service would be provided from Stamford.

While true that Sir Lackey stated his intention to take a half day, he did so after I told him that I’d learned through Facebook that Metro North would be running diesels from Stamford. In fact, I told my friend and the reporter that this was the reason I’d returned to catch an 8:20 train after bagging the 6:50 earlier that morning.

I guess when you’re writing the man-on-the-street article, you gather names and snippets, throw them in a bag, and put them back together like Scrabble tiles for dramatic effect.


What do you think?

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