Evening commute tip #1

Okay, it’s Friday night, the end of a four-day work week that felt like six (the short weeks always feel long, don’t they?). You’re tired and slightly annoyed. There’s no bar car. You feel like riding the train with your headphones on, playing your latest favorite song on repeat, and having some beer, wine, or a cocktail. But the line for the drink cart at the top of your track is 13 deep.


You hate standing in line generally, but this situation is worse because you know how slow some of these transactions are, both because people are often indecisive and indirect in their ordering and some of the cart tenders are lethargic and chatty. You’re also perpetually nervous about being late for things and are scared you’ll miss your train (which actually wouldn’t be a big deal because the next train goes directly to your stop and lately has been getting in around the same time as your target train, but still).

The solution? Go to a cart sitting at the top of a track that doesn’t have a train departing soon. There’s probably no line or maybe two people at most in front of you. Do your business and whisk your way past the suckers on line at your track. Boom! Problem solved.

(Disclaimer: The “you” in this story mostly referred to me. Also I’m listening to a Spotify playlist I recently created, not a single track on repeat. So I kind of lied, but this isn’t a memoir so Oprah probably won’t scold me.)


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