Train tracks: When My Train Pulls In

I don’t dwell only on the past. I aspire to live fully in the present. But this can be difficult to do when you confine yourself to the topic of trains and commuting and work. So many of the best songs on these topics are pretty old.

So imagine my delight when:

  1. My friend, Mandemus, told me I had to check out the new album by a new hardcore Texas bluesman named Gary Clark Jr.
  2. I did just that by looking him up on Spotify (you can buy the album, Blak and Blu, in Starbucks right now!).
  3. I hit track number two on the album, a song with a heavy bass riff and two screaming guitar solos called, “When My Train Pulls In.”

Clark is from Austin, Texas. He was discovered by the promoter whose club launched the careers of Stevie Ray Vaughan and his brother Jimmie, which opened up a world of opportunity to play with many of the great living blues players.

On YouTube there are several good videos of him playing this song, but this is the best of them. In fact, it may be the best-produced performance video I’ve seen, or at least posted on this blog. Look at that performance space. I want to have my monthly guitar-playing get-togethers there. The opening (and repeating) riff is raunchy enough to be worthy of Stevie Ray or Hendrix or Joe Perry of Aerosmith. And the solos, the first at 3:19 and the second at 4:55, are blistering. I wish I could find something clever or snarky to say, but I can’t. This dude is just cool. You’ve got to check him out.


What do you think?

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