The best of August 2012

August was this blog’s first full month, and it’s been a blast. In case you missed them, here are the top five stories of the month:

  1. John Cheever on commuting
  2. Suicide and the Wheel of Life
  3. Working 9 to 12: What a way to make a living
  4. Another scene from an Italian restaurant
  5. The secret levels of Grand Central

And here were some of my favorite search terms that drew some poor, unsuspecting suckers onto my blog, together with the stories that brought them in:

I would also like to show you my progress in my path toward world domination. After my first week of blogging, I noted how my words had already been to more countries than I’ve ever been. Well, after a month and a half, I think I’ve covered about half the world—at least by land mass. Here’s the list of countries that I’ve vicariously visited:

If I were playing a game of Risk, here’s how close I would be to winning:

WordPress’s map, showing in Risk-gameboard-like fashion my quest for world domination.

So my strategy is clear. I need to stack up armies in the following territories:

  • Eastern Canada
  • Northwest Territory
  • Central America
  • Argentina
  • Eastern Australia
  • Egypt
  • Russia
  • Kamchatka

Territories on the Risk game board.

Let’s see how this strategy works.


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