Top 10 tracks to beat the Monday blues

With the end of vacation comes that old Monday morning feeling, so we’re going to mix things up a bit this week and do songs today rather than on Wednesday. I’ll tell you, after a good week off, I do feel like I need to get back to work and do something useful, but there is always that nagging inkling that Monday would be better if you weren’t punching the clock for the man. Lots of songs have been written about this conundrum, but I wanted to stay away from the obvious ones, like The Bangles’ Manic Monday, The Boomtown Rats’ I Don’t Like Mondays, and T. Bone Walker’s Stormy Monday (though I did just mention them all, didn’t I?). None of the songs on my list have Monday in the title, but they definitely capture the disaffection, anger, and longing that the salaried or hourly worker wakes up with at the end of the weekend. And I’ve now figured out how to embed my Spotify playlists into this blog, so you can give the tunes a listen right here!

It’s hard to find good performances of a lot of these songs on YouTube, so I’ve decided to give you something a little bizarre from Ray Davies and the Kinks. Done in the glam-rock era of 1974, this has a very Rocky Horror Picture Show vibe about it. The movie of Rocky Horror didn’t come out until 1975, but the stage play on which it was based, The Rocky Horror Show, premiered in June 1973. I’m guessing it had an influence on our buddy Ray. Ill-conceived? Perhaps. But it’s pretty funny.


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