Train tracks: Night Train

One of the books I read on the train was Keith Richards’ autobiography. In it, Keith said that one of the worst career moves the Rolling Stones made was to follow James Brown’s performance on The T.A.M.I. Show in 1964. I decided I had to see this performance. Netflix was there to help me out (not instantly, though; I had to wait for the mail to see it on disc). T.A.M.I. stands for something like “Teen Age Music International”–I’ve seen the acronym spelled out a few different ways–and it was a multi-artist (Beach Boys, Lesley Gore, Supremes, Chuck Berry, Smokey Robinson, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and more), multi-day concert in Santa Monica. The Stones were the closing act. Watch Night Train to see why Keith was upset. The crowd first goes crazy at about 1:09, there’s an incredible dance sequence from 2:17-2:46, and the first of several splits at 3:34. It’s pretty cool. Also cool was the time I was practicing intervals on the guitar while learning the Mixolydian mode and figured out the bass line for this song. I didn’t do that on the train, but it sure is funky!


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